Creating and designing isn't just something I do, it's something that I can't stop doing! I am eternally curious about processes, materials, and tools. My design skill set is very broad, and I am equally happy when I am on my computer designing digitally or when I am in the studio making jewelry and other hands on projects.
I formally studied Silversmithing and Photography at Montana State University, but have delved deep into studying a wide variety of creative interests. I create with several different digital programs (2D & 3D), metal, wood, fabric, yarn and fibers, paper, plastics, resins, rubber and much more to achieve the outcomes I want.
I learn new processes and tools very quickly, and sometimes get new and interesting results from crossing them over to be applied in different ways. I feel that having a wide range of knowledge to draw from frees my mind to think through the desired outcome of my designs and apply different skills to achieve that outcome.  
I live and work in Portland, Or.
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