"Amabie" 2021
My design combines an image of Amabie, a mythical Japanese creature said to ward off pandemics, with the kanji for gaman (我慢), which means "enduring the seemingly unbearable with patience and dignity.” In Japanese folklore, the Amabie (pronounced ah-mah-bee-eh) has the face of a bird, long human hair and a body covered in scales with three legs. In the design, the Amabie’s body is the kanji for gaman, a term of Zen Buddhist origin that is generally translated as "perseverance,” "patience," or "tolerance." 
This design was created for Oya No Kai and the Japanese Immersion Program to be used on clothing and other merchandise to raise money for the schools. I also made 10 hand-pulled, 4 color block prints of this design for use in the 31st Annual Fundraiser Auction that is put on by Oya No Kai. More about the process of making the block prints can be found on my Paper and Ink section.
I put the kettle on!
ViridCascadia Logos - 2018 and 2017 respectively
Used for online media promotions and team clothing for the 13Magnus Reawakens events combining technology and artwork during a 3 day event - May 2017 and 2018
Logos for the 13Magnus Reawakens Anomaly Event in Portland, OR - Aug. 2017
Various items sold featuring the two logos I created for the 13Magnus Reawakens Anomaly in Portland, OR - Aug. 2017
1 of 3 designs chosen for the Year 5 badge contest.
1 of 3 designs chosen for the Year 5 badge contest.
Other commissioned artwork
Commissioned Logo Rebranding
I took the existing outdated logo from the early 80's and updated it, while still keeping it instantly recognizable. One of the requests from the client was to add more diversity. I accomplished this in two ways, by making the children's ethnicities more apparent and with the colors of their clothing, which represent the colors of the Pride Flag.
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