I put the kettle on!
ViridCascadia Logos - 2018 and 2017 respectively
Used for online media promotions and team clothing for the 13Magnus Reawakens events that combined technology and artwork during a 3 day event - May 2017 and 2018
Logos for the 13Magnus Reawakens Anomaly Event in Portland, OR - Aug. 2017
Various items sold featuring the two logos I created for the 13Magnus Reawakens Anomaly in Portland, OR - Aug. 2017
1 of 3 designs chosen for the Year 5 badge contest.
Other commissioned artwork
Commissioned Logo Rebranding
I took the existing outdated logo from the early 80's and updated it, while still keeping it instantly recognizable. One of the requests from the client was to add more diversity. I accomplished this in two ways, by making the children's ethnicities more apparent and with the colors of their clothing, which represent the colors of the Pride Flag.
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